Filmography and awards

2017 Cross or Sword?, 42 min.

2016 From Francis to Francis, 31 min. Prize in History Film category at the 32th International Catholic Film Festival, Poland, 2017

2015 Belem: River flowing to Faith, 32 min.

2015 A Day with an Icon: Passion of Christ, 26 min.

2014 A Day with an Icon: Saints of the Undivided Church, 14 min.

2013 Maltese Help Service in St. Petersburg, 26 min.

2013 II Vatican Council: Dawn Forerunner, 48 min.

2013 Stalingrad Madonna, 48 min. Special prize of the European Center of Historic films for Spirituality, Love and Humanism; laureate of Mirabile Dictu festival, Vatican as Best Director

2012 “Dialogues” cycle is launched at EWTN – Europe

2012 Tunic of Christ, 25 min. Special jury prize at Magnificat, 2012 (Belarus)

2013 Day with an Icon. Icons of Our Lady. 13 episodes, 1 min. each. Prize of Radonezh International Film Festival, Moscow

2010 Human Face of God, 25 min.

2010 Day with an Icon. Great Church Feasts. 13 episodes, 1 min. each

2009, 2011 Orthodox Italy, 2 series, 31 and 29 min.

2009 Faith is dead without deeds, 26 min.

2007 Pope Benedict XVI, 50 min. Laureate of Religion Today (Italy) and East Silver (Jihlava)

2007 Hope Speaks Portuguese, 54 min. Special jury prize at Magnificat 2011 (Belarus)

2005 One Day I Shall Understand Love, 72 min, co-production with CRTN, Germany and CBC (Canada).

2005 “I Met God in the Dark”, 28 min. Laureate of Religion Today (Italy) (I Met God in the Dark)

Cinema Critics’ Prize at Signis Belarus Festival Magnificat

2004 I have Come to Save the Sinners not the Righteous, 28 min

2003 Open the Doors of Mercy to Us. 29 min Patriarch award to the only documentary at the First Orthodox Festival “Faith and Word” in Moscow, 2005. 3rd Prize at the International Catholic Film Festival in Niepokalianov (Poland)

2003 Orthodox Rome. Invitation to Pilgrimage, 40 min. Laureate of Catholic Film Festival in Niepokalianov 2004 (Poland)

1999 – 2003 Sacraments of the Orthodox and Catholic Church, 5 documentaries of 26 min

  1. On the Way to the Church. Life and Fate of Fr. Alexander Mien. 57 min Special Prize for Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue at the 5th International Festival “Religion Today” (Italy)

2001 Holy Trinity Alexander-Nevsky Lavra, 28 min

2000 XX International Family Congress, 56 min

1998 Ship of God (Church on the Boat), 28 min, (co-production with CRTN, Germany)

1995 God is Love, documentary, 30 min, (director). Grand Prix of the XI International Catholic Film Festival in Nepokalyanov (Poland)