Nick (Nikolay) Goryachkin

TV Producer, Film Director

Brussels, Belgium / St. Petersburg, Russia

Born 12.11.1957.

Graduator of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography.

Worked as a head consultant in Poetry, Prose and Dramatic art departments at the Union of Writers, head of international press center of the Union and its press service. After that worked at national TV as editor of culture department and moderated permanent cycle on underground literature and Christian cycle “Approaching Eternity”.

Published art and literature reviews in newspapers and magazines of Russia, Germany, France, Japan etc.

From 1991 to 1995 headed St. Petersburg bureau of La Pensee Russe and CRTN (Catholic Radio and Television Network).

In 1999 founded an international TV organization Blagovest Media International and works as its Executive Director till now. Blagovest Media International is active in developing Christian television network and the dialogue of Churches of the West and East.

Film director and producer of over 30 documentaries and docu-dramas, aired by over 26 countries of the world.

Laureate of international film festivals, namely “Religion Today” (Italy), International Christian Film Festival in Orlando (USA), Mirabile Dictu (Vatican), Magnigicat (Belarus), Catholic film festival (Poland), “Golden Knight” (Russia) etc.

Author and moderator of two TV cycles – “Dialogue” and “May All Be One” at the EWTN-Europe (Germany). Regular guest at Radio Vaticana programs.

Nick Goryachkin dialogue of the Churches Christian films Catholic and Orthodox films and programs Producer Nick (Nikolay) Goryachkin CRTN

Being SIGNIS Member, works intensely to develop Christian,cultural and humanistic television in the world. Jury of the festivals in Hong Kong, Monte Carlo, Warsaw (Poland)

In 2007 participated at the personal audience with the Pope Benedict XVI as part of Aid to the Church in Need (Germany) delegation.

Married, has a daughter.


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