Distribution landscape

Our priority is Christian (mostly but not limited to) programming distribution and placement that reflects the realities of Christian life, thus paving the way to greater mutual understanding and dialogue.

Blagovest-Media International started its work in 1992, as a branch of the Catholic Radio and Television Network. Up to now Blagovest Media International distributes Catholic films and programs to 21 Russian TV channel, including the only two Orthodox TV channels of Russia, SPAS and SOYUZ.

Total number of hours – approx. 130 hours

Potential audience – about 50 mln people

Regions and coverage – St. Petersburg, Moscow, Central Part of Russia, part of Siberia, South of Russia (Kuban), Belarus, Baltic countries (Eastern and Western Europe via satellite)

We also broadcast at the main Catholic TV channels including EWTN-Europe.

Blagovest Media International receives programs for its distribution on a free of charge basis from its partners over the world. Voice over into Russian and other languages is done in our own sound studio.

Since perestroika times, quite a number of Orthodox studios appeared in Russia and other Orthodox countries. Among them there are enough quality programming but it is absolutely unknown to the West. With this purpose Blagovest Media International launched a web-platform www.blagovestmedia.tv in Russian to present and promote such kind of TV production.

Now Blagovest Media International web-platform www.blagovestmedia.tv hosts over 300 Christian films and programs available for Western broadcasters.

Blagovest Media International partners with Orthodox and Catholic studios and TV channels of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Bosnia and Serbia and broadcasts in Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Philippines, Slovakia and Czech Republic.