Shrines and Relics of the Undivided Church

Christianity started from one place and one source. During the millennium of division unfortunately this was forgotten. Believers of both Churches – Catholic and Orthodox – think more about the differences between them than about the common things that unite us. We have one God Our Father, common Apostles, saints etc.

The pilgrim introduction into the common holy places and objects is depicted in the documentary Orthodox Rome. Invitation to Pilgrimage.
The hero – an Orthodox priest speaks about the holy relics of Rome commonly venerated by the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.

The project is continued by the series “Orthodox Italy” and reveals the holy places and relics that belong to the time of one and undivided Christian Church. It depicts forgotten or unknown shrines and relics in Italy.

A subcycle of two documentaries on the relics of Cloths of Christ is completed. Filmed in Trier (Germany) and Manopello (Italy) the documentaries reveal the miraculous stories of two relics, their modern influence on Christianity and our understanding of Christ’ teaching. It examines the Catholic and the Orthodox stories of the relics, the consequent venerated objects and depicts the true and common unity in the history.

Both”Human Face of God” and “The Tunic of Christ” are offered for purchase. See trailer below

The project moves on around the world. Do we know anything about the holy treasures in Venice? What does Mont Saint Michael mean to us? What do average people think about pilgrimages as the way to God while on the way to Santiago de Compostela?

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