A Day with an Icon

One-minute meditation video segments for TV spots, Internet spots, I-Phones and mobiles

“He who contemplates an icon is like a blind man slowly curing who is cured by Christ” (Mk 8:24)

The project “A Day with an Icon” is targeted to the new catechization and can be used in parishes, during liturgies, at the catechetic reunions and also in the Internet, mobiles etc.


What is an icon for the modern world? Should it be modernized too? Following the thoughts of extraordinary icon painters  of Rome, Italy and Russia, and their classic and modernistic icons, one can answer these questions in a deeper way than ever thought

Passion of Christ sub-series represent visual  Rosary and is an excellent resource for praying Sorrowful Mysteries. Above all, it is a video pilgrimage along Via Dolorosa and Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, on the place of Gospel events.

The Franciscan procession along Via Dolorosa and the Stations including those in chapels are filmed. Each video segment, equal to a Station, is completed by Passion icons and paintings accordingly. Thanks to it, this sub-cycle is unique and universal at the same time and produced in two versions; 14 Stations of the Cross and 7 days of the Holy Week.

Basing on the Church Calendar, the series reveal the emotional state of every feast that can be shared by every person of whatever denomination and Faith.

1. Church Great Feasts – 13 segments, including Resurrection of Our Lord (Easter Icon).

2. Our Lady icons – 12 segments based on the miracle-making icons of Our Lady

3. Saints of the Undivided Church – 14 segments

4. Passions of Christ, based on Via Dolorosa Stations of the Cross and Icons of Passions.

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