BMI initiative against coronavirus

As a Christian producer we propose what we can in an effort to remind us of what unites. It is salvation in Christ. We launch an initiative of free programs.

When the churches are to be closed or limited in their service, television can become that pulpit from which the Good News can still be announced, thus assisting the Church in her mission of supporting people to overcome the tragedy of today.

We, Catholics and Orthodox from Blagovest Media International, propose a package of our programs free to parishes, schools, communities and websites; films that bring light, love and hope for salvation. We call this a “Help Basket” – providing care to those in need.  So here is our Help Basket with the links to watch our films. We hope these will bring support and solace:

– Passion of Christ: Based on the 14 Stations of the Cross, enriched by Russian and Western icons and paintings, it follows the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem thus inspiring us to live with Faith and love to each other. – Icons of Our Lady: From the cycle “Day with an Icon” – Great Church Feasts: 13 segments, including Easter, feast of Resurrection. From the cycle “Day with an Icon”– Belem: River flowing to Faith. Documentary (In Portuguese). The Mother of God saves us all, wherever we are.

If you need to download these programs in good quality, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to provide you such an option.

May the Lord guard you and bless you!