Author: Elena

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We face a challenge that we could never ever imagine before. We are sure these days the truth revealed itself brightly. Only the Lord, only prayers of saints and every day prayers of us people keep this fragile defenseless world. We are to pray for peace, for eternal value […]
Christian Film Festival Congratulations ‘Frei (Brother)’ by Nick Goryachkin, is a 2021 Christian Film Festival Award Winner for Best Documentary (Nick Goryachkin)! The inspiring story of a German Franciscan priest Hans Stapel who worked for 40 years all over the world serving Christ and His flock. He started ‘Family of Hope’ ministry in Brazil which […]
He defied drug lords and drug traffics. He is a priest. But thousands call him Brother. He founded over 140 rehabilitation centers, called fazendas (farms) in 22 countries of the world. Thousands of addicted, volunteers and those after curation returned to be community members. Addicted are cured without medicals, – by prayer, work and community […]
As a Christian producer we propose what we can in an effort to remind us of what unites. It is salvation in Christ. We launch an initiative of free programs. When the churches are to be closed or limited in their service, television can become that pulpit from which the Good News can still be […]
For the first time in media this documentary brings up a painful topic – conflict of Fatima Apparitions and Orthodox Russia. Russia was the only country directly mentioned by Our Lady in Her Message: “If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors […]
Russian web-platform joins CRTN data base. Catholic Radio and Television Network: A new way to look at Christian unity through shows Catholics and Orthodox may not have the same Pope, but they can still enjoy the same Christian TV shows. That’s where the Catholic Radio and Television Network comes in. It’s an online platform where […]