Blessing from the Holy See

Pope Benedict XVI received Nick Goryachkin

In April 2007 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI received Nick Goryachkin, the director of the Blagovest Media International Foundation, in his residence at Castel Gandolfo and blessed the foundation’s activity, targeted at assisting the dialogue between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, propagating common Christian values and developing a Christian mass-media network.

Blagovest-Media produces documentaries on the history and modern problems of the Russian Orthodox and Catholic Churches, covering various aspects of missionary and social outreach, and focusing on the inter-denominational relations between sister Churches. Films of Blagovest-Media are broadcast in more than 20 countries of the world, at many international forums and festivals.

Pope Benedict XVI received Nick Goryachkin

The Pope Benedict XVI’s address to Russia

…Russia is truly great, in a variety of different ways — in her sheer geographical scale, in her long history, in her magnificent spirituality, in her multiplicity of artistic expression. During the past century the horizon of your noble land… was obscured by … suffering and violence, shadows that were … overcome by the splendid light of so many martyrs — Orthodox, Catholics and other believers, who perished under the oppression of ferocious persecutions. The love of Christ even unto martyrdom, … reminds us of the urgent need to restore unity among Christians, a duty to which the Catholic Church feels herself to be irrevocably committed. Both the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church are moving in this direction.