Passion of Christ (A Day with an Icon cycle)

Passion of Christ 14 segments represent visual images of Rosary and is an excellent resource for praying Sorrowful Mysteries. Above all, it is a video pilgrimage along Via Dolorosa and Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, on the place of Gospel events.

An amazingly innovative production is the cycle “A Day with an Icon” voiced into English by native English speaking priest. The spots can be used as fillers and also as Internet spots including VOD; cell phones and IP telephones and screens in the cathedrals, churches and parishes. These unique premiere series of 60-second spots spring from the rich Russian Orthodox tradition, while transcending Christian denominational boundaries, speak directly to the heart – at times of rejoicing and times of need.

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“From Francis to Francis”

Just awarded at the 32nd International Catholic Film Festival, Poland, in the “History Film” category. The documentary explores spiritual tradition of Franciscans in the Western and the Eastern Church and why the Jesuit Cardinal Bergoglio chose the name of St. Francis. Filmed in Assisi (Italy), Argentina and Russia, it shows the heritage of spiritual tradition of St. Francis of Assisi and its continuation in the work of the present Pope.