Day: October 2, 2019

Language – German, Russian (English list of dialogues) Year of production 2017 Duration 42 min Two great symbols in the human history — the Cross and the sword meet. The Cross does not stop wars but in the end, often against our will, brings you to salvation. Basing on unique and unknown video archives, the […]
Languages: Russian, English Year of production 2016 Duration 31 min The documentary that continues the Pontiff topic is completed. The film explores spiritual tradition of Franciscans in the Western and the Eastern Church and why the Jesuit Cardinal Bergoglio chose the name of St. Francis. The documentary is filmed in Assisi (Italy), Argentina and Russia. […]
Language – Portuguese, Russian Year of production 2016 Duration 37 min The pilgrimage to Our Lady of Nazareth in Belem, Brazil, is the biggest Catholic pilgrimage in the world. More to it, it is the biggest pilgrimage as an event of the modern world and brings together about 2 mln people. It shows that the […]
Language English Year of production 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Duration 1 minute’ segments The fillers are suitable to be used as TV spots, Internet spots and mobiles. Premiere series of 60-seconds segments combine video of an icon, Church music and a short prayer of the day. The series use the rich tradition of the Orthodox […]
Language – Russian, German, English, Portuguese Year of production 2018 – 2019 Duration about 15 minutes each «May all be one» continues the themes of «Dialogues» in a more dynamic and dramatic presentation. It consists of interviews filmed in different locations and video fragments. Guests of the cycle are hierachs of both Churches, priests and […]
docu-drama (from Peace and Reconciliation cycle – We have no right to forget. But we have to learn how to forgive) Language English, German Duration 48 min Year of production 2013 This prize-winner film was broadcast by Western TV channels (sampling Austrian-Swiss K-TV and Hong Kong Catholic TV channel). In February 2015 it opened a […]
Language Russian, English subtitles Duration 48 min Year of production 2013 In 2012 the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the II Vatican Council, the crucial event in the history of the Catholic Church in the XX century. The intrigue of the documentary is to see the influence of the decisions taken half a century […]
Language German Year of production 2012, 2015, 2016 Duration 30 min. each program For the first time at least in the history of Russian mass media, it has become possible to invite two clerics of both Churches to a TV studio and to invite them not for a conference or dispute, as has happened in […]
On the Way to Church. Life and Fate of Fr. Alexander Mien Language English Year of Production 2001 Duration 58 min Fr. Alexander Mien was and still is more than a priest for Russian history. His village parish united thousands of people of different social statutes, nationalities, different educational and intellectual level and professions. The […]
Orthodox Rome. Invitation to Pilgrimage Language English Year of Production 2003 Duration 42 min Historical and spiritual dialogue of the Churches, the common holy places and objects are depicted in the project “Shrines and Relics of the Undivided Church” opened by the film “Orthodox Rome. Invitation to Pilgrimage”. The hero of the film – an […]