Peace, Forgiveness and Reconciliation cycle

Hot docu-drama “Cross or Sword?”

On February 2nd, 2015 the film “Stalingrad Madonna” opened the European Week of Ecumenical Unity at the Info Center of the European Union. This stimulated the development of the cycle on Peace, Forgivenenss and Reconciliation.
Any war as a murder is violation of Christian faith and its commandments. Wars can be stopped only when this understanding comes to all. A unique experience of reconciliation was born in the XX century. In 1946 a pilgrimage to the ancient town of Vezelay, France, took place. Every European nation representative brought its cross to the church of Vezelay as a symbol of repentance for the past World War. Unique video archive is used in the “Cross or Sword” docu-drama, second of the cycle on Peace and Reconciliation….

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